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Flow hosts the 2021 Queensland State Championships

High-level athletes from across Australia are descending on the Sunshine Coast this weekend. Sports Climbing is one of the fastest-growing sports in Australia and is included in the Olympic programme …

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It’s Party Time!

You’re invited to the official Launch Party to celebrate the opening of Flow Bouldering! When: Saturday 13th February 2021 – doors open at 9am with the Launch Party from 5pm …

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We can’t wait to see you!

Our official Launch Party is this Saturday 13th February 2021, when doors open at 9am with a Launch Party from 5pm and live music from 6pm. Flow has a floor …

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Merry Christmas

2020 has been a massive and exciting year for us. We’re so happy to have had so much support from the climbing community. We love the Sunshine Coast and we …

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Building An Indoor Climbing Gym

First of all, thank you so much! We’re still recieving messages, comments and likes on our facebook page and Instagram. It’s been an amazing week for us. We’re so psyched …

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1.Climbing Etiquette

There are a lot of unspoken rules in climbing, we’ve talked about a few in our crag care post and in our last post on community. Yesterday we went to …

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2. Community

We’ve talked about quite a few thoughts now and I’ve been trying to save community until right at the end. You see there are a lot of important parts of …

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3. Equipment

Having the right equipment can be the difference between adventure and disaster. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve taken a few nasty knocks to the head from falling rocks, and …

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Rest is a vital but undervalued aspect of climbing. I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves falling off a route due to pumped arms and tired muscles. Whenever I coach I …

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5. Motivation & Inspiration

Motivation is probably one of the trickiest things to nail down. For us climbing motivation can feel a little elusive at times, especially when you’re working hard on other aspects …

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