Adult Classes

Our adult classes run each week on Friday afternoons.

If you're a member then the Fitness and Yoga classes are Free

While fitness and Yoga classes are free for members we still require everyone to book in beforehand. Class sizes are restricted so make sure you book in early.

For Non-members all classes cost $25 and include single entry to the boulder gym.

We recommend all participants arrive 10 minutes early and perform a thorough warm up.

Adult Fitness

This class is aimed at anyone looking to improve their fitness level. No matter your fitness level we can help push you to achieve more. If you've got goals for your training or just looking to get climbing fit, we can help.

Flow Yoga

Our Flow Yoga classes are run by an external group coincidentally called "The Flow Lab". Gabi and Anika are passionate about helping individuals improve their mental and physical wellbeing. By helping you reach your flow state, helping you to immerse yourself in the present and strengthen your body and mind.

We highly recommend both the Flow Yoga classes and the workshops that they run. Learning to become immersed in your actions is the key to improving your head game on the wall, as well as your mental health.


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