Climbing During Covid

Stay safe and keep climbing

Thankfully we're a brand new gym so all of our equipment and holds are also brand new. However we're not stopping there.

Every piece of our wall and every hold was thoroughly washed prior to going up. We've disinfected and cleaned every inch of Flow so we know that when we open it will be as Covid safe as possible.

We're also making sure we carefully follow the Queensland Covid plan and ensuring that our staff have the highest standards of sanitisation and cleanliness.

Compulsory masks!

Until the 15th of April masks are compulsory for all indoor activities in QLD. This includes climbing.

Please keep in mind masks must be worn while on the wall as well off the wall. Unless you are doing specific high intensity/endurance training such as 4x4's, circuits or repeaters.

You are welcome to step outside for a breath of fresh air if you're struggling with your mask. But it must remain on at all times within the building. We also encourage all participants to frequently use hand sanitiser and maintain social distancing.

Queensland Covid Plan - Stage 3

Booking -

  • Adult classes must be booked in advance and are restricted to 8 people. Be sure to book in for any of our fitness, yoga or pilates classes.
  • Any group events of more than 5 people must be booked in advance.

Chalk -

  • Only liquid chalk is permitted. Due to the isopropyl alcohol in liquid chalk every time you chalk up, you also disinfect.
  • The Australian Institute of Sport recommends the use of liquid chalk between climbs (not attempts).
  • Please remember this is NOT a substitute for proper hand washing or sanitising. Soap and hand sanitiser is available throughout the gym
  • Brushing is still permitted

Social Distancing And The Rest -

  • Maintain a distance of 1.5m
  • No crowding, high fives or hugs and minimise any other forms of contact. However this shouldn't stop your verbal support or congratulations.
  • Climbing Shoes must be worn. (If you're renting you must wear socks)
  • Bring your own towel and yoga mats to classes or for personal exercise.
  • Please use any cleaning products provided to keep your hands and any equipment clean.
  • Food and Drinks are available.
  • Our staff follow a clear and comprehensive cleaning procedure to keep the centre at the highest standards. This will always be the case, especially during the current Covid pandemic.

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1/5 Cedarbrook Drive, Forest Glen, Qld, 4556