What Makes Us A Premium Gym

The Highest Safety Standards

Bouldering is an incredible sport but it does have it's risks. That's why our safety far exceeds the Australian safety standards.

We've gone above and beyond to make sure you stay safe bouldering. With above industry standard matting, a comprehensive safety video and fully trained and qualified staff. We're making sure every landing is a good one because good climbing comes from confidence.

Flow Climbing Routesetter

Professionally Built Walls

Flow Climbing Hold Layout

Our Walls are designed by Indoor Climbing Productions (ICP). A Brisbane based company that specialise in climbing gyms. They've designed and built walls all over Australia and the world. Our walls are designed by their head architect and then we and a couple other dedicated climbers/route setters sat down and discussed every detail.

We wanted to make sure the angles, textures and dimensions were all perfectly suited to make the best climbs

The Kilter Board and Flow Training Area

We're installing a high end training system called the Kilter board. This is a globally recognized training tool, and we're super excited to bring one to the Sunshine Coast.

We're crazy excited about this! This is a state of the art LED backlit climbing wall with completely adjustable angles from 5 - 70 degrees overhanging. With a Bluetooth controlled LED system to show you the climbs, you can push yourself to the absolute limit of climbing.

Our 12ftx12ft board is the largest kilter board in Queensland and offers over 35,000 climbs. Come check it out and feel the difference in your training.

Along with our hangboards, pull up bars and Yoga area. We're gearing up to help you hit your training goals.

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Internationally Trained Coaches

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We've worked with the best coaches to create the best training programs and classes for climbers of all abilities. We can say with confidence that our coaches can help you climb stronger and more efficiently.

They've climbed all over the world, visiting multiple gyms and working in the industry to make sure they keep their skills sharp. They're fully qualified and experienced to make sure you hit your climbing goals.

Whether you're looking to break into the sport or push your grade boundary to the max, we can help you achieve it.

Professionally Trained Route Setters

All of our route setters have undergone extensive in house training and will attend an ICP run route setting course.

We work as a team to ensure every route that goes on our walls is the highest standard. If we don't think it's worth 3 stars then it doesn't go on the wall.

What's more as part of our route setting process we ensure every route is pre-planned and "flows" nicely. With a diverse team of setters that cover all heights and abilities, we can be sure to have a climb for everyone.

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The Best Hold Brands

Flow Climbing Red

We've checked out the best holds on the market. Looking for all the best things to wrap your hands around. The Grip List is a great starting place to find top quality holds, but it's not just about looking good on paper.

We've been to as many gyms as we could and grabbed plastic all over the world to put together our own list of great holds. Now we're able to bring them to the Sunshine Coast.


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