One to One Sessions

All of our one to one sessions are catered to you as an individual. Whether you're young, old, new or experienced.

As part of each coaching course we recommend booking a minimum of 2 sessions. This ensures your coach can help follow up on any programs, changes or problems you may have.

The first session of any coaching course involves a detailed assessment of your current level of fitness and climbing. However if you have a completed assessment sheet from one of our group assessment classes it can help speed up the process.

As well as the assessment and working with the coach in session, you will be given a simple "goals and exercises" booklet for tracking your progress outside of sessions.

1-1 Beginner Coaching

A mixture of basic technique and low level fitness. This is an easy introduction to climbing and will help you develop fundamental climbing skills. As part of this session you will have full access to all parts of our gym and come away with a better understanding of climbing terms and movements. Our Instructors work with you on and off the wall to give you the custom session you need.

1-1 Advanced Coaching

Ideal for strong climbers looking to push to the next level. As part of our advanced coaching sessions we'll work with you to analyse your current training program, as well as assess your goals and projects. We work with you on and off the wall to help you understand your current strengths and weakness and then we decide on the best way for you to improve. Our advanced coaches have worked with a lot of strong climbers as well as maintaining a high personal level of climbing, so they understand what it takes to put theory into practice.


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